Support Equality Parade 2018!

Let’s create the most beautiful celebration of equality together! Donate any amount now here.
On June 9th the Equality Parade will walk the streets of Warsaw once again. It is the greatest event promoting equal rights, freedom and diversity in Poland. 45 000 people celebrated together last year, and this year there will be even more of us!
Although the Equality Parade was inspired by gay pride marches in Western Europe and the USA, it has broader meaning here in Poland. The Equality Parade in Warsaw is founded upon the ideals of freedom, equality and tolerance.
Let’s create this event together and highlight the significance of excluded groups, minorities, activists and all those who fight for their rights. Let’s make the most beautiful celebration of equality together! Every contribution is of great importance and donating even the tiniest amount makes you a co-organizer of the Parade and gives you impact on it’s final form. Please support our work now at