Equality Marches in Poland – 2018 year

Apart from the Equality Parade, in Poland there are also several marches every year with postulates similar to our event.

The schedule of equality marches in other Polish cities can be found below.

Łódź – 21st April – click here

Kraków – 19th May 2018 – click here

Gdańsk – 26th May 2018 – click here

Poznań – 11st August 2018 – click here

Katowice – 8th September 2018

Szczecin – 15th September 2018

Toruń – the date will be announced soon!

Wrocław – the date will be announced soon!

Remember, that the biggest and the most colorful Equality Parade in Poland’s history will pass the streets of Warsaw on 9th of June – we can not wait. Route and more details will be announced soon.