Equality Parade Demands

Equality Parade – because of its exclusionary character –  postulates and demands the realization of numerous demands which are presented here:

  1. Protection against discrimination and exclusion is the country’s duty.
    We demand an active anti-discrimination policy which includes all minorities.
  2. Trans rights are human rights.
    We demand registration of legal regulations facilitating the medical and legal process of gender reassignment for transgender people.
  3. Reinforcement of legal protection against hate-speech and hate-crime.
    We demand legal regulation for cases of crime motivated by hatred towards the LGBTQ community. We demand that this includes hate crimes concerning gender identity and sexual orientation, as well as enforcement of already existing regulations.
  4. Marriage and partnership is the right of each and every citizen.
    We demand full marriage equality with the right for adoption, including all the rights and obligations and – as a consequence of it – the adjustment of the regulations on non-marriage relationships, especially those providing security of mutual commitments.
  5. Open public space without borders
    Inclusive and accessible public spaces are indispensable for the integration of a local community. We demand that the city government support that goal by actively shaping urban spaces, providing affordable cultural goods and entertainment, fighting communicational discrimination, and dismantling of architectural barriers that affect minority groups: parents and caregivers of children in strollers, people with disabilities and the elderly.
  6. Poland as a welcoming home for refugees and foreigners.
    We demand an improvement which includes: shortening procedure of issuing visas to Poland, especially in diplomatic institutions in eastern Europe. We demand the restriction of bureaucracy applied to foreigners living in Poland. We demand an improvement in conditions in which asylum seekers are held in Poland. The refuge is not a prison sentence. According to the Constitution of 3 May: whoever crosses the borders of Poland is free indeed!
  7. Honest sex-education as a human right
    We demand that all schools and kindergartens teach modern, reliable, ideologically neutral, age-appropriate and suited for the students’ intellectual capacities sexual education. That would include anti-discrimination education, the study of diversity, and ethics classes, all in an effort to promote the respect and dignity of all people.
  8. Stiffer penalties for animal abuse.
    We demand a novelization of regulations about animal protection and the tightening of regulations about animal killing and abuse, as well as the regulations increasing detection and the punishment of such crimes.
  9. Different but equal.
    We appeal to the LGBTQ community to fix inner homo-, bi-, trans- and heterophobia.
  10. Enough with neglecting We demand a debate!
    We appeal to the media to not legitimize extreme sexist, homo-, bi-, and transphobic views.
  11. Gender equality is the basis of a democratic country.
    We demand active policy for gender equality, equal treatment of women, men and non-binary people in every aspect of their lives. We demand the salary paid on the basis of the character of the job and the skills of the employee- not their gender. We demand non-sexist language, the introduction of gender parity in the executive ranks, political structures, and media. We demand an assurance of all reproductive rights for Polish citizens, which includes: the right for information, sexual education, free of charge contraception (also emergency contraception) and abortion on demand up to twelve weeks of pregnancy. We demand to respect the patient’s rights, limitation of the usage of conscientious objection so it doesn’t violate woman’s rights; the right for dignified labor and pro-parenthood policy. We want increased help from the government for the families with disabled members and the restoration of the alimony fund.
  12. Let’s take care of our home, Earth
    Earth is our only home. In spite of that, we use its resources as if we could afford the damage. We appeal to the governments and corporations to stop the environmental destruction, forfeit using the technology that contaminates the planet and to cease the exploitation of the weaker.