Due to an epidemiological threat, the Equality Parade was canceled. Read the statement

Equality Parade Statute

§ 1

  1. This statute regulates the rules and conditions for the 2020 Equality Parade, which will take place on June 20th 2020 in Warsaw, further called “The Parade”, as well as the rules and regulations applying to all the participants taking part in the event.
  2. The Equality Parade 2020 is being organized by the Volunteers of Equality Foundation, further called “The Promoter”.

§ 2

  1. Any person can take part in The Parade, as long as they support the rules and values declared by the Equality Parade Advisory Committee and the Volunteers of Equality Foundation as a whole.

§ 3

  1. Individuals taking part in The Parade can be divided into:
    • Pedestrians – further called “The Participants”
    • Motorized vehicles – further called “The Vehicles”
    • People charged with ensuring the safety of the event, chosen by the Volunteers of Equality Foundation – further called “The Rainbow Patrol”.

§ 4

  1. Participants have a right to:
    • Remain in the Parade’s location for the duration of the Parade;
    • Enjoy and take part in all events, including speeches and music shows, that take place in the Equality Village during the length of the Parade, with no financial charge;
    • Distribute promotional and educational materials – as long as those materials were accepted by the Promoter;
    • Ask for help from the Rainbow Patrol if needed;
    • Inform The Rainbow Patrol about any instances of irregularities and to ask them to intervene in case of an emergency.

§ 5

  1. The Participants are prohibited from:
    • Leaving the area of the Parade via routes prohibited by police or other safety officers;
    • Approaching moving Vehicles closer than 4 meters from the front and back, as well as 3 meters from the sides;
    • Distributing or selling promotional materials that weren’t approved by the Promoter, as well as crowdfunding;
    • Carrying any dangerous materials, including drugs, weapons and stinking and prohibited liquids that could expose other Participants to filth and danger;
    • Exhibiting flags, banners, balloons, and other materials in a way that can result in harm coming to other Participants;
    • Promoting and expressing views and ideas that go against the Parade’s values and that disrespect and offend other Participants;
    • Breaking the law and social rules of behavior in public spaces;
    • Using any psychotropic agents, including alcohol and illegal drugs; any person in possession or under influence of those will be removed from the Parade and the authorities may be notified.

 § 6

  1. The members of The Rainbow Patrol are chosen by The Promoter. Members of the Patrol can be identified by the Participants based on their Volunteers of Equality Foundation-issued ID and branded clothing.
  2. The Promoter distributes specific tasks to the members of The Patrol.
  3. The decisions made by The Rainbow Patrol members are non-negotiable and cannot be disregarded by The Participants, as long as those decisions do not break the corresponding polish law.
  4. The Rainbow Patrol is responsible for the circulation of information and coordination of actions taken by The Promoter, The Participants, public safety officers, police force and the medical staff.
  5. The members of The Rainbow Patrol, when witnessing someone breaking this statue, have a right to:
    • instruct the party at fault to cease from taking that action;
    • mandate that the party at fault leave the area of the Parade;
    • ask assistance from the police or other public safety officers.

§ 7 

The Vehicles taking part in the Parade are required to clearly mark the cars as part of The Parade in the way specified by the Promoter.

 § 8

  1. A Vehicle is any motorized vehicle allowed to be part of The Parade based on two requirements: a signed legal contract between the Vehicles’ owners and the Promoter and technical safety consent issued by any safety officer on the day of the Parade.
  2. Every Vehicle must possess an ID issued by The Promoter, as well as any other documents required by law.
  3. The Vehicle may have its own sound system, decorations, and personnel.
  4. The Vehicle may exhibit advertisements of the Parade’s sponsors unless the signed contract mentioned in §8 1. states otherwise.
  5. The Vehicle’s Owner must designate an Operator of the Vehicle. The Operator is required to:
    • adjust the velocity of the Vehicle to the speed of the pedestrian participants;
    • oversee the handling of the Vehicle, as well as oversee the people who are charged with keeping distance between the Vehicle and other Participants;
    • control the amount of, and ensure the safety of people on top of the Vehicle;
    • adjust the velocity and/or the route of the Vehicle when requested by The Rainbow Patrol or other safety officers;
    • designate at least four (4) people who will ensure that a safe distance, specified in this statute, is being kept between the Vehicle and the Participants. The Vehicle’s owner is required to provide the rope that would make that possible.

§ 9

  1. The Organizer reserves the right to prohibit entry or to remove from the area of the Parade any person or vehicle that can cause danger to the Participants or does not adhere to the rules and regulations specified in the legal contract signed with the Promoter, as well as the rules and regulations specified in this statute.

§ 10 

  1. Any group consisting of at least five (5) people, representing a commercial entity and clearly marked with promotional material (branded t-shirts, balloons, banners, etc.) is required to donate to the Equality Volunteering Foundation.
  2. Non-commercial associations and foundations are exempt from any financial burdens as long as the institution is properly and promptly submitted to the Promoter – the form is available on the Equality Parade’s website.

 § 11

  1. Any Participant entering the Parade’s space agrees to the rules and regulations of this statute and declare readiness to adhere to the decisions of the Rainbow Patrol and other safety officers for the duration of the Parade.