Terms and conditions of the 2019 Equality Parade
held on June 8th 2019 in Warsaw

Article 1

These terms and conditions apply to the tenor of the 2019 Equality Parade in Warsaw, further referred to as “the Parade” and the manners of its’ participants behavior during the course of the Parade in order to provide safety to the Parade’s organizers, participants and all persons attending the Parade on June 8th 2019.

Article 2

Any person who supports the ideas behind the Parade’s demands formulated by the Advisory Committee of the Equality Voluntary may participate in the Parade.

Article 3

The following may participate in the Parade (among others):

  • pedestrian participants, further referred to as “Participants”,
  • car vehicles, further referred to as “Trailers”,
  • persons responsible for overseeing the Parade’s course, appointed by the Equality Voluntary, further referred to as “Staff”.

Article 4

Participants have the right to:

  • stay within the site of the Parade, consisting of the demarked part of the lane and pavement,
  • participate free of charge in the entertainment part, speeches and press conferences held during the Parade,
  • distribute promotional and informational materials concerning Equality Week events;
  • receive help from the Staff if needed,
  • report any observed irregularities to the Staff and request intervention.

Article 5

Participants are barred from:

  • crossing the lines marked by the emergency services which demark the site of the Parade,
  • coming near the Trailers in motion at a distance smaller than 4 m ahead and 4 m behind and 3 m aside,
  • distributing or selling promotional materials which have not been approved by the Equality Voluntary Foundation within the site of the Parade,
  • bringing dangerous materials, narcotics, weapons, illegal or foul-smelling liquids or substances which could expose other Participants to soiling or danger to the site of the Parade,
  • exposing banners, flags, balloons and other gadgets in a way which could be threatening to other Participants,
  • promoting content and slogans which do not correspond to the Parade’s ideals or infringe good reputation of third parties,
  • behaving in a manner which infringes the law or the rules of social coexistence,
  • using narcotics and psychotropic substances under the threat of emergency services being notified or complete removal from the Parade.

Article 6

  1. The Staff of the Parade consists of persons assigned by the Parade’s organizers. Members of the Staff own suitable identity tags or attire which allow identification.
  2. The Staff is responsible for tasks assigned by the Parade’s organizers.
  3. Decisions made by the Staff within the range of its’ tasks are not to be discussed or questioned by the Participants unless they are repugnant to the common law within that range.
  4. Each member of the Staff is completely informed about the Parade.
  5. The Staff is responsible for mediating between the Parade’s organizers, the Participants and emergency and/or medical services.
  6. Shall members of the Staff notice these terms and conditions being violated by the Participants, they have the right to:
  • command the Participants to stop violating the terms and conditions,
  • command the Participants to leave the site of the Parade,
  • request help from municipal services or emergency services.

Article 7

Trailers driving in the march column during the Parade are obligated to clearly mark their affiliation to the Parade in a manner indicated by the organizer.

Article 8

  1. A Trailer is a car vehicle allowed to participate in the Parade by the Parade’s organizer based on an appropriate contract.
  2. Each Trailer must have an identifier issued by the Parade’s organizer and if it is required, an appropriate identifier issued by suitable authorities.
  3. A Trailer may have its’ own sound system as well as décor and staff. There may be banner advertisements of the Parade’s sponsors on the platform unless stated otherwise in the contract with the organizer.
  4. The owner of the Trailer is obligated to appoint one person to drive the platform whose responsibilities are as follows:
  • to adjust the Trailer’s speed to the pace of the Parade’s Participants’ march,
  • to oversee the Trailer’s staff, including the persons separating the Participants from the Trailer,
  • to control the number of Participants on the Trailer in order to ensure their safety,
  • to alter the speed or route of the Trailer on the Staff’s or suitable emergency services’ demand.
  1. The Trailer’s owner is obligated to appoint at least 4 persons to separate the platform from the Participants while the platform is moving at the distance indicated in these Terms and conditions.

Article 9

The Parade’s organizers reserve the right to refuse to admit to the Parade’s site and remove from the Parade’s site persons or Trailers about whom there is a justified supposition that their presence might pose a threat to the Participants or who do not comply with the requirements of their contract with the organizer or do not comply with these Terms and conditions.

Article 10

Commercial entities participating in the Equality Parade as an organized group of at least 5 persons in a manner that distinguishes them in terms of promotion (logos on clothing items, balloons, banners etc.) donate the amount of 500 zlotys to the Equality Voluntary Foundation. Associations and foundations that do not conduct economic activity do not bear charges.

Article 11

Participants by entering the site of the Parade accept the provisions of these Terms and conditions as effective and commit to comply with them as well as the decisions of the Staff and emergency services’ representatives at the Parade and during the course of the Parade.